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Association –  a social organization called into being by a group of people with common grounds or rallying points. In Poland, political parties, confessional associations, trade unions, are not ranked among Associations. An association  is a voluntary, permanent and autonomous non profit union which defines purposes, action plan and organizational structure independently. An association enacts internal resolutions concerning its own activity on the faith of members’ social labor.

PSRD associate enthusiasts of sound producing. It is a place which promotes reliability, fair deal and respect to the sound producers’ profession. It invites not only professionals, but also persons that start up the adventure with sound producing and want to operate in the spirit of Association principles. Thanks to the PSRD such persons will take advantage in:

assistance from professional members of Association

current exchange of information between the associated


seminars and workshops

fairs and professional trainings

legal advice

participation in promotional events concerning sound producing.


– promotion of fair competition and legality on the sound producing market

– estimation and certification of qualities of sound producers and recording studios

– mutual support of activity between associated members

– current exchange of information on the web forum

– collective and individual press publications and books

– organization of seminars and workshops for members of the Association

– organization of trips to fairs and external professional trainings

–  lobbying for the benefit of Association members

– settlement by arbitration between Association members

– legal advice

– organization of competitions promoting reliable sound producing

Below – the specimen of PSRD membership card. The card is made of  plastic with diameters of a credit card. Only card in this from is valid. The card also contains information in English.